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Let's talk Catering | Corportate Events, Birthday Parties, Office Parties, Large Events, Etc.

Now Offering 3 types of Catering options: Pick Up, Drop Off, and Full Service

Catering Simplified and The 3 Types of Catering:

For many, catering can be an overwhelming process. Here at Aquino's Birrieria we make it as simple as possible to ensure you enjoy your Wedding, Corporate Event, Social Event, or Etc. Our job is to simplify your work and leave the cooking for us. The best way to save money and time is to be prepared as you are in control of what you order. One of the most important first steps is to know your guest count, this allows you to get a better estimate and eliminate confusing and unnecessary menu changes at the last minute.

The second step is to decide on your delivery method. Many people think catering only comes one way, but a good professional caterer will offer you up to 3 different options to have your food delivered including:

Pick Up: Food is to be picked up from our storefront location. Many catering companies do not offer this service but here at Aquino's we do. This is our lowest costing method if you are on a budget as it saves on delivery fees and gurantees your order on time versus paying for a rushed order.

Drop Off: One of our most popular options, particulary for corporate and social events, where we deliver the food in disposable containers (Foil pans, and Special Catering Boxes).

Full Service: This option is best for birthday parties, large events, and Fundraisers. Our catering team takes all of our equipment to your desired location and sets up for a two hour experience. Our team brings our menu to life and all food is cooked on site for your guests to enjoy. We provide everything that is needed to make sure you can fully enjoy your special day or event without any headaches.

Lastly, know your budget before you order. For most caterers including us, pricing is determined on a dollar/person pricing model. So an easy way to create your budget is to determine the total amount you want to spend and divide it by the estimated number of people. Having this number to start will help us get you more for your money.

There is nothing we want more than to provide you amazing food that fits both your event and your budget. The more information we have, the better the job we can do.

All catering options include a 15% "Catering Service Fee" to cover the overhead and costs of doing business: supplies, day to day operations, utilities, and etc.